Selected Papers

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  • David Horak, Zdenek Dostal, and Radin Sojka. (2017). On the Efficient Reconstruction of Displacements in FETI Methods for Contact Problems. In Advances in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, 15(2).
  • Alena Vasatova, Jiri Tomcala, Radim Sojka, Marek Pecha, Jakub Kruzik, David Horak, Václav Hapla, and Martin Cermak. (2017). Parallel strategies for solving the FETI coarse problem in the PERMON toolbox. In Programs and Algorithms of Numerical Mathematics 18.



  • Vaclav Hapla. Massively Parallel Quadratic Programming Solvers with Applications in Mechanics.


  • Lukas Pospisil. Development of Algorithms for Solving Minimizing Problems with Convex Quadratic Function on Special Convex Sets and Applications.